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Big Apple Tips: What to Pack When Visiting New York

May 07, 2018

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Packing for one of the fashion capitals in the world can be overwhelming. Follow our experts tips on what and how to pack for your Big Apple voyage.

Accessories - Nothing elevates an outfit like accessories. Sunglasses are endlessly chic and scarves help transition a casual daytime look into dressed up evening attire. 

Layering - Spring temperatures have been known to drop, making black boots and leather jackets a New York City staple. Added benefits include being comfortable while looking cosmopolitan.

Roll or Fold? - If you are popping in for the weekend, don’t waste a single minute waiting for your suitcase. Roll your clothes to optimize space and bring a fully stacked carry-on.

With these fail-proof tips, you’ll be traveling like a New Yorker in no time. No fuss, no worries--pack light and travel bright! 

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